One of my hobbies is to cook different types of sound. For the most part it is weird and experemental stuff. Yes, i am quite weirdo. But you can surely hear some generic music like: synthwave, trip-hop, dub, psybient, chillout, ambient and even drone. Music is cooked in Renoise 3 tracker on cheap integrated audio and low-cost noname speakers.

Control keys: Novation 25SL MK2 .
Additional tools: one pair of hands, pair of eyes, 1-2% of simple brain.

So, nothing special.
I don’t use any expensive hardware synthesizers, all stuff generated by software.
Current CPU processing power allows such luxury.

You can check me out on following resources:

  • Soundcloud ► Main music site
  • Bandcamp ► Music for sale, currently under construction
  • MixCloud ► DJ mixes, a bit frozen, but for sure will bring it back

My music roots comes from ancient tracker MOD music .
I’m fond of collecting the very best of tracker modules: doskpop , jazz, funk, trance, ambient, dub, chillout, metal, pop.
Human mankind produced more than 288.000 mod music.
Less than 0.6% worth your attention.

So, if you are interested in topic you can download best-of-the-best collection .
Pre-selected personally by myself, no junk at all.

Ufff….waaaay toooo much text, can i get some more coffee?