One of my hobbies is to cook different types of sound. For the most part it is weird and experemental stuff. Yes, i am quite weirdo.
But you can surely hear some generic music like: synthwave, trip-hop, dub, psybient, chillout, ambient and even drone.

Music is cooked in [Renoise 3] tracker on cheap audio card and low-cost noname speakers.
Control keys: [Novation 25SL MK2] . Additional tools: one pair of hands, pair of eyes, 1-2% of simple brain.

So, nothing special.
I don’t use any expensive hardware synthesizers, all stuff generated by me in software.
Current CPU processing power allows such luxury.

I would like to mention that i'm not using any kind of modern AI technologies and for sure won't be using them in the future!

You can check me out on following resources:

[Soundcloud] ► Main music site
[Bandcamp] ► Music for sale, currently under construction
[MixCloud] ► DJ mixes, a bit frozen, but for sure will bring it back

My music roots comes from ancient [tracker MOD music] .
I’m fond of collecting the very best of tracker modules: [doskpop] , jazz, funk, trance, ambient, dub, chillout, metal, pop.
Human mankind produced more than 384.000 mod music. Less than 0.4% worth your attention.
Here is some graphical representation for better understanding.

So, if you are interested in topic you can download [best-of-the-best collection] .
Pre-selected personally by myself, no junk at all.

Ufff….waaaay toooo much text, can i get some more coffee?

For quickie youth i have TikTok channel with perfect tracker MOD loops    
Style playlists are included for convenience