Actually, i do not like soap TV operas at all. However, this one just hit the spot in a right way.
I suppose that Narcos is the best long TV series i ever run into for the whole of my life.

This is a story of famous Colombian drug lord, who made his way from complete poverty to the richest man of the world.
His [overall year profit] was much bigger than income of big corporations of the time, like General Electric.

The most important Pablo Escobar’s distinctive features were:

  • massive sponsorship of very poor people
  • non-commercial construction of living buildings, stadiums, churches

I do not recall that so-called everlasting political elite of any country performed above-mentioned things on a such scale.
I agree that he spent drug money and killed a lot of innocent people, but look at the current world situation.

Corrupted overstayed scatterbrain initiated a war, which led to hundreds of children and thousands of adults deaths. How “cool” is that?
The only difference between him and Escobar is that he does not share his wealth with people and he definitely do not earn his fortune by means of brains.
Phew, this is pretty pathetic to say the least.

However after demise of Escobar [end of season two] quality of story begin to decline very quickly.
Lots of new blurry characters, incoherent narration and so on.

Anyways, first two episodes are just brilliant. Thrilling storyline, excellent acting.
No dumb’n’boring computer graphics. Movie series is highly recommended.

I do not like bossa nova music style, but this one just grooves on. Never rewinded it. So satisfying.