UPDATED ON: 2023-01-24
After long consideration my interest is lost, due to understanding the fact that 4G module is 100% closed blackbox,
which cancels all privacy benefits of the phone in one stroke. It’s a true thing for official version of the phone.
On the bright side there is an [unofficial open-source project] of modem firmware in early alpha.
Will report back if something good happens.

I bet some of you are already tired of ugly g monopoly with their telemetric data mining platform os-called operating system.
As for me, i fixed myself on Android 8.0, last operating system without support of neural networks.
These nets help to fingerprint your personal data and send it to marketing companies later on.
I’m pretty sure that people in sane condition will not like such behaviour at all.

Pinephone is based around Linux and not android, it doesn’t track or profile you.
It is YOUR phone and not their’s.
So that is why Pinephone is very interesting.

Hardware is pretty decent, at least for my needs:

  • Hexa-core not-qualcom CPU
  • 4Gb of LPDDR4 RAM
  • 128 eMMC internal storage
  • WiFi/BT/Gps/some sensors
  • microSD up to 2TB
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • interchangable battery
  • and most important thing that at the phone’s back we have 5 hardware kill-switches for the most important things.
    It’s like a car with manual transmission. Neat, huh?

Currently [Pine64] are selling Explorer edition phones aimed at early adopters and developers.

After watching some YT vids i have come to conclusion that it is a bit early time to purchase device, because some things are not so fluid.

Here is a list of actual problems:

  • battery lasts only 1 hour under heavy usage, looks like software power management problem
  • camera is not working as it should
  • 4G is not always working [however 3G is confirmed to work solidly]
  • some bugs and glitches here and there

The main thing is that internet websites are working without any hassels, including YT.


I suggest to keep an eye on the phone.

Planning to purchase one. Precisely when they release Pinephone PRO II or at least when they solve PRO I software problems.
Current version is selling for 400 USD, but manufacturer warns that after beta testing will be finished price will go up to 700 USD.
Frankly speaking i’m ready to spent even 1000 USD if Pine64 devs will release polished model with at least 80% of level convenience
comparing to current android phones.