Sufficient amount of small bloggers/vloggers complain about [shadow-banning problem] on large platforms lke yt, tik-tok an so on.
Some of them are trying to investigate the root cause of the issue, some of them just give up, even such legends as [High Treason] .

Despite the fact that my yt channel was deleted without any explanations a couple of years ago and yes i run into shadow ban issue on tik-tok,
when suddenly all your >200 people auditory just stop leaving comments, drop any activities for a week or so and view counters
are showing zero
i just don’t think that discussed thing is so important in the end of the day.
Surely it is nice to rant about large corps and how they suck around the clock, how they don’t care about anything, but the profits or money.
But it simply can’t be counted as a main agenda of the day. Like worthless propaganda, dumb politics and modern trends.

People just need to focus on their main activities and stop care about feedback or subscribers count.

As for me, i have enough readers to interact with. Don’t think that words “followers” or “subscribers” match aesthetics,
because people are not forced to visit my resource on daily basis. If person have a right mood: he(she)’ll visit page, if not - so let it be.
People don’t need to follow, hit like, do repost or any other dogsh#t like this.
Simple as that. And yeah, i’m happy for them!

Another thing, which i think i’ve done correctly is an absence of comments.
Just to not cooperate with disqus-like data collecting platforms, fight spammers or feed human-trolls in case of self-made commentary system.
Consider such decision as analog, physical firewall against threats of modern age.
After all we all wish to have personal warm digital place don’t we?

I’m pretty satisfied with email interactions. Call it obsolete, but you are on retrograde’s site remember?

P.S Added some on-site niceties for desktop users.

Hope that mobile adepts forgive me for such rude lopsided actions.
Anyways, rant is over. That’s it for today, see you around.

And don’t forget to … !##$# …

… oh God, somebody shut this pretenchious prick up!