I recommend you to use alternative search engines like [] or [Duckduckgo] not because g is mining your data and then resells it to marketing agencies for targeted ads, but because if you say something restricted or will be “lucky” to be banned by their anti-spam bot you can lose access to your data forever.

Three years ago i had YT channel with [tracker music] where i posted stuff almost daily, also i had [trackers database] hosted on their blogger platform. Music was demoscene and non-commercial. Under each posting i wrote that music should be intended just for historical purposes and must be used on the rights of fair use only.

One fine day i find out myselft unable to access my Yt channel, with an excellent message that i was banned permanently. Yeah, like that.
Banned without any copyright strikes. How cool is that?

I’ve decided to write an appeal to support. In a couple of days i received an answer from script bot, that i didn’t comply with their rules and that is why i was banned. No reasons, no precise explanations at all. In a day or two i’ve checked my tracker database on blogger and find out that site was banned also. So i was banned on their platform globally. How neat. After my second appeal i was answered by the same bot with the same answer. Translating long automated message to plain words: “read the rules, you sucker”.

So think twice before involving with such corps when it comes to deployment of large projects. Remember that some day you can easily lose access to your data. Moreover, they count that your data belong to them. You can read that statement in their loooongish jurisdictional mambo-jambo [manifesto].

YT accumulate loads of useful information, but it belongs to greedy morons. That’s the reality. I’m using it daily without logging in, but can’t write comments though. [Newpipe] and [FreeTube] will help you not to touch their disgusting API. Btw, some of such third party applications bring back removed dislike option.

g crowning achievements regarding YT:

  • broke search engine [large channels are always at the top of the search results, small channels don’t have any chance]
  • dropped contributor royalties to the most lowest rate [you can’t get lower than that]
  • incorporated strict censorship [no free speech]
  • removed dislikes [you can’t get people reaction anymore, because that will be too cool for you]

If you are still using their gmail just switch to an excellent [Disroot mail] for neat replacement. And don’t forget to make [periodical donations] to the project.