Short answer will be: NONE OF THEM.
But if you are not satisfied with that and interested in topic: read below.
In this quick blip-note i’ll explain my subjective opinion regarding big corpos and their influence on technology in general.
Let’s start from the barebone roots of the problem.
There are two people who brought home computing to masses.
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Who are they?

First one cheaply bought DOS operating system from [Gary Kildall] and resold it to IBM for a waaaay bigger money.
Second one was pure egoist, which loved to humiliate people.
He borrowed [stole] idea of mouse controller and various GUI developments from Xerox,
which was later introduced like Apple know-how’s.
Same thing can be said regarding touch screen technology, which was used before Apple’s
“revolutionary” iPhone in [Palm Treo] devices based upon [Symbian OS] .

The only thing for which Apple will be remembered is neat [Motorola based macs] and a nice colored apple logo from 90s,
but definitely not for an iphone, which [almost reached] Nokia’s [2012 cameraphone] photography quality only in 2024.
What an achievement!

Speaking of Microsoft accomplishment: it is [Windows 7] operating system.
No more things to remember.
Ah, and by the way Microsoft consumed Nokia to dissolve it’s camera technology to make room for pathetic “cameraphones” from Apple.
It’s surely not a coincidence at all, because MS owns hefty amount of Apple’s stocks.

A dose of retro rant was injected successfully and i can freely return to my generic deeds.
That’s it for today, bye-bye!

Off-topic thought:
I’ve noticed one repeating pattern, if man does nothing useful (but rather harmful) for the society, then he lives a long life and vice versa:
if a person brings really important ideas and developments, then the life of such man is disproportionately shorter.
Same pattern can be successfully applied to companies.