For the last 10 years Russian government [and not only Russian] had taken vector to oppress any free speech, which was so generic for internet communities of 90s. Many sites were blocked. Information portals, torrent trackers and even some news microstock sites, like [Alamy] were banned.

In current situation i can only suggest to use [Tor Browser] or free VPN services.

  • In case of TOR you trust your traffic to American special services, but doing so you can avoid contact with your local regulators.
  • In case of paid VPN you are paying money and trust your data to someone who can potentially be….guess who?
    Yeah, Special Secret Services. You lose money & personal information simultaneously. So no bonuses here, only penalties.

It is stupid to give your data to paid VPN services. Just think this situation through, without any rush.

As for me, currently, i prefer to use Tor and I don’t care that it is controlled by US military agency.
The main fact that it helps me to open “inaccessible” sites from my region.
Free VPN services could be an option too, if you desperately want to access blocked site for some reason.

► F#ck goes out to those people of no effect: politicians on salary, world regulators and all who are trying to comb generic grey cattle.

Frankly speaking, I miss 90s internet.'nough said. I'm out.