Right after [Windows 7 reached end of life] in regards to non-pos esu updates i asked myself:
“How can i improve security of ageing operating system?”
Replacement of basic internal firewall comes back to mind in the very first place.

After some comprehensive research i ended up with [Outpost Firewall Pro] ,
developed by [Agnitum] a small Russian company, which was acquired by crappy yandex later on.
Software was dismissed after purchase immediately. Quite cliche for a sh#te aggregator corps!

A very nice sign, showing how neat was firewall in terms of quality. The rule of thumb:

If something just disappears it means that it's too good thing to be used by plain people.

We can draw hardware analogy with Nokia and Microsoft here.
Nasty story about how Bill’s company absorbed and gradually disbanded the best mobile cameraphone technology ever.
Of course we are talking about mighty [Nokia PureView 808] .

Now back to the main topic.
Outpost not only provides intrusion detection and anti-leak control systems, but also features advanced USB virus protection mechanism, aimed to prevent startup of malicious applications from external USB drives.

Last version [v9.3] released back in 2015 and was made after Windows 7 Service Pack 1 [2010] and big platform update [2013].
That is why brandmauer works pretty darn good under Windows 7 wing. It is very lightweight by today’s standards.
In default configuration consumption barely tops 100Mb of system memory.
However in complex environments with many applications and rules applied RAM usage can reach “whopping” 160-180Mb.

BRIEF CONCLUSION: Outpost Firewall Pro represents advanced and lighweight firewall for those of you who would like to have full and precise control of network traffic based on per application basis. Correctly configured Outpost minimizes chance of malware intrusion almost to zero.

Considering above-mentioned facts and without any doubts, i can conclude that migration to Linux is postponed for another couple of years.
Yeah, i’m lazy bastard.

There is no legal way to purchase software in 2023, so here is fraudulent one.

By the way, firewall is not compatible with latest version of windows, like 10/11 diarrhea, but who really cares?