It’s been a while since i’ve posted useless table comparisions. So here is one!
Recently i bought second-hand Dell Precision 7520 in very good condition.
Purchased it as an emergency backup for future use.
Neat laptops will be hard to find in my country due to tech sanctions.

7510 model is based around Sky Lake architecture [E3-1545Mv5] .
7520 model is based around Kaby Lake architecture [E3-1535Mv6] .
Differences between E3-1545Mv5 and E3-1535Mv6 are marginal, but they exist.

Cinebench R20
E3-1545Mv5 – 1564pts
E3-1535Mv6 – 1652pts

Some pure random benchmarks made in Aida64.

Benchmark 7510: E3-1545Mv5 [Sky Lake] 7520: E3-1535Mv6 [Kaby Lake]
Memory Read 42244 Mb/s 34000 Mb/s■
CPU Queen 34903 37314
CPU Photoworxx 23448 Mpixel/s 23028 MPixel/s
FPU Julia 24638 26355
FPU Sin SinJulia 3493 3738
FP64 Ray-Trace 2886 Kray/s 3070 Kray/s

Despite the fact that 7520 model is based around more modern motherboard CM238 chipset. There is a substantial performance hit in terms of memory performance. I link this to a recent BIOS update [2022], which was aimed to fix cpu vulnerabilities.

In other benchmarks we get a little boost in terms of performance.

Direct comparison between E3-1545Mv5 and E3-1535Mv6.

Benchmark 7510: E3-1545Mv5 4c/8t 2900Mhz [Sky Lake] 7520: E3-1535Mv6 4c/8t 3100Mhz [Kaby Lake]
Memory Read 41966 Mb/s 33953 Mb/s
Memory Write 58812 Mb/s 38540 Mb/s
Memory Copy 55547 Mb/s 34925 Mb/s
Single Precision FLOPS 370 GFLOPS 396 GFLOPS
Double Precision FLOPS 185 GFLOPS 198 GFLOPS
24-bit integer IOPS 166 GIOPS 178 GIOPS
32-bit integer IOPS 166 GIOPS 178 GIOPS
64-bit integer IOPS 23 GIOPS 25 GIOPS
AES-256 13200 Mb/s 14112 Mb/s
SHA-1 Hash 3320 Mb/s 3552 Mb/s
Single Precision Julia 123 FPS 132 FPS
Double Precision Mandel 66 FPS 71 FPS

Now it’s time for GPU comparison.

Benchmark 7510: Quadro M2000 GM107 1137Mhz, 640 Cores, 5 CU, Driver 441.66 7520: Quadro M2200 GM206 1036Mhz, 1024 Cores, 8 CU, Driver 441.66
Memory Read 12410 Mb/s 11330 Mb/s
Memory Write 12108 Mb/s 11334 Mb/s
Memory Copy 64742 Mb/s 71094 Mb/s
Single Precision FLOPS 1403 GFLOPS 1948 GFLOPS
Double Precision FLOPS 45 GFLOPS 66 GFLOPS
24-bit integer IOPS 477 GIOPS 711 GIOPS
32-bit integer IOPS 477 GIOPS 711 GIOPS
64-bit integer IOPS 81 GIOPS 121 GIOPS
AES-256 3855 Mb/s 5639 Mb/s
SHA-1 Hash 12032 Mb/s 15554 Mb/s
Single Precision Julia 269 FPS 402 FPS
Double Precision Mandel 14 FPS 21 FPS

I must say that i’m pretty satisfied with Quadro M2xxx performance.
Chip is somewhere around [Geforce 1050Ti] in terms of raw power.
And it is quite a lot for the 2018 laptop.

This concludes breif performance comparison of two last laptops, which are natively capable of running Windows 7 without any trickery.