I’m quite satisfied with performance of my current workstation.
[44-thread Broadwell] paired with 64Gb of RAM, fast NVME and [24Gb EVGA 3090Ti] shape solid desktop tool.
However i’m planning distant upgrade to achieve maximum speed in Windows 7 environment. Just to mark checkbox that it is possible.
In 2021 i already tried out modern platform based [around x570 in conjunction with Ryzen 5950X] .
System worked without any problems, thanks to modern [CanonKong Windows 7 drivers] .
After some considerations i’ve persuaded myself to build the most powerful Windows 7 system ever.
So, the main goal will be maximum core count or maximum performance.
Core count is more preferable than speed, however if performance of low-core counterpart will be substantially bigger i’ll consider it as an option.

Intel CPUs are not considered at all because [lack of drivers] , lower performance, higher power consumption due to obsolete lithography.
Also recent series introduced little-big architecture, which is not completely compatible with Windows 7 and already introduced some noticeable issues, which are not present in Ryzen 7950X.

Possible applicants:

  • [Ryzen 8950X 16c/32t] [will work 100%, because it relies on x670, which is already tested with Windows 7]
  • [Threadripper 5995WX 64c/128t] [should work on MSI WRX80-based mobo, but current pricing is insane, time will fix this for sure]
  • [Threadripper 7995WX 96c/192t] [no high hopes on that one, because WRX90 chipset will be most likely incompatible with Windows 7]
  • Ryzen 9950X XXc/XXt [will work only if it will be based around x670 chipset]

Upgrade is planned to date when Ryzen 9000 series will be released, to estimate performance and value vs Threadripper based solution.
GPU, amount of RAM and other components will be unaffected.

So, that’s how it is!