UPDATED ON: 2024-06-25

Ok, i already made some rant-posts in the past [here] and [here] .
But critical level of shittiness is reached intergalactic boundaries and i must drop another anti-windows 10/11 bomb at ya.
So, fasten your seat belts we are going to the most horrible software tech trip ever.

I am not going to waste your valuable time, so straight to the bare facts and they are really bad.

Recent update pack “introduced” performance drop around 10% on powerful i9 machines.
Some generic i7 “lower-end” systems lowered their performance rating even by more than 10% of a value.
Windows 11 consumes cycles even when you are in idle mode on empty desktop. What a bunch of morons!

Next one, is long discussed “ads in the start menu and explorer side panel”. This cr#p was introduced around spring 2024.
M$ is advertising their atrocious products like bing and 365 family. How nice and convenient!

More to this, users with local accounts have troubles with changing profile picture due to a recently introduced bug.

As if above mentioned things were not enough to drop that “MODERN” sh#t.

Quite a good margin of user-base reported INSANE drop in NVME performance, around 50%-60% of performance is sucked to M$ black-hole void.
7000Mb/s Nvme’s were “upgraded” to ~3000Mb/s ones. In some rare cases to ~2000Mb/s. What a load of #$%#@#% $@#$!

As a remark: in the past i’ve already noticed almost double performance penalty hit if we compare Windows 7 with Windows 10 on my test-bed
powered by Samsung 980 PRO NVME on a PCIe 3.0 bus of X99 chipset. And you can surely guess in whose favor.
It was obvious to the untrained eye that windows 10 was choking to show GUI in a really fast way. Windows 7 is blazing fast under such circumstances.
In the end of the day, it turns out that windows 11 is even worse than windows 10.

To understand the scale of failure: Windows 2000 startup takes the same amount of time on 30mb/s SD-card and 500Mb/s SATA SSD.
As you can see Windows 2000 is equally fast on absolutely different drive types. Going onward.

New M$ tech called Virtualization Based Security s#ck balls so much that gamers are observing significant performance drop in games.

Next stop, [KB5036892] update brought VPN failures for some people,
more “lucky” ones were faced with just white screen.

This is just ridiculous!

It looks like that M$ don’t give a sh#t to test out their crap in a proper way.

What else could go wrong?

Ok then, let’s continue the sh#t storm.

Ah yeah, those fancy so-called AI technologies. We gotta to be on the edge, don’t we?
How about AI-recall, which was introduced in 24H2 update?

New “feature” saves screenshots every few seconds applying text recognition, speech recognition, making them fully searchable
(~25 GB of disk space for three months of snapshots).
Moreover, i see a huge security and privacy concern in such “technologies” in foreseeable future.
This will be hacked in a while, just wait and see.

Oh, and by the way, recently those dumbheads enabled one-drive backup folder without asking anyone or permission to do this.


Ok, i’m done with this. Really.
It’s over. Finale. End.
I’ll never going to review their constant failures anymore.

I’am out.