UPDATED ON: 2024-05-08
NOTE: list will be updated in the future [final renewal will planned somewhere around end of 2024 and beginning of 2025].

Most of the applications can be found on [F-Droid market] .
All of them checked for unneeded permissions by [Exodus] .

[AdAway] ► Root-based host-file adblocker
[AFWall+] ► IP-tables based firewall
[AnyDesk] ► Remote desktop control
[APKGrabber] ► Finds updates to your locally installed APKs
[Audio Recorder] ► 24-bit audio recorder
[Aurora Store] ► Proxy to google play store
[Auto-Rotate] ► Tune auto-rotate setting for each application individually
[Battery Charge Limit] ► Limit maximum charge from 100% to desired value [default is 80%] to save battery and increase it’s lifespan
[Binary Eye] ► QR-scanner
[Element] ► Secure & private chat
[Equate] ► Basic measure converter
[FX Manager] ► Convenient file manager
[Hacker’s keyboard] ► Reliable keyboard without data mining
[IceRaven] ► Firefox fork with support of almost all desktop addons
[K-9 Mail] ► Secure e-mail client ► [v5.916] ► last sane version before mozilla infestation
[KeepassDX] ► Password safe
[LibreTorrent] ► Download torrents
[Light Manager LED] ► Tune color of your notifications
[Magisk] ► Root enabler
[Mpv] ► Backup video player [using it if for some reason VLC is not playing media]
[Mull Browser] ► privacy Firefox fork, do not trigger any mozilla or google connections
[muPDF] ► PDF viewer
[Neutron] ► Hi-End audio player
[Tubular] ► Watch YT videos without google tracking and annoying Ads
[Nova Launcher] ► Cool program launcher
[Open Camera] ► Photo camera with RAW support
[Orbot] ► Connect to internet through TOR protocol
[OSMAnd~] ► Open-source map navigation
[PrinterShare] ► Print wirelessly
[RadarWeather] ► Weather predictor
[Power Menu] ► Opens power menu functionality via touch screen
[ProgressBar] ► Simple progress monitor
[Red Moon] ► Eliminate 380-550nm blue spectrum, which cause threat to retinal neurons
[RedReader] ► Reddit browser
[S2 slashdot] ► Slashdot reader
[Session] ► Secure and private chat [complementary to Element] ► [v1.5.4] ► last lag-free version without noticable performance regressions
[Shazam] ► Music ID [i bet that they mine data, coz it’s apple property]
[Simple Mobile Tools Calendar] ► Essential calendar without bloat
[Simple Mobile Tools Contacts Pro] ► Nice replacement to default phone book
[Simple Mobile Tools Dialer] ► Simple dialer with black theme
[Simple Mobile Tools Draw] ► Simple drawing app
[Simple Mobile Tools Gallery] ► Nice picture gallery
[SoundHound] ► Another music ID [using it before shazam]
[VHS Camcoder] ► Retro 90s camcoder
[VLC] ► Advanced video/audio player
[VolumeLockr] ► Lock volume level of system/media/notification events
[WaveUp] ► Wake phone screen with a sweep
[XMP Mod Player] ► Nice player of tracker music
[Yet Another Call Blocker] ► Essential spam blocker [database with cool rating system]

And yeah, forget about those cleaners and system optimizers. They I doing almost zero useful actions.

The main purpose of such programs is to gather your data and send it back to sell to marketing companies for targeted ads.
So be smart not to install them. And if you do, block their traffic via firewall [Android permissions are complete joke].